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Companies and corporations really need to up their game in order to get all women into the workforce and leadership ranks by celebrating their success. 

Just a few years back, most women who wanted to leave behind a mark in the world of business had mostly to disguise themselves with a lot of manly qualities, as businesses mostly used to be dominated by men those days. 

In order to cope with this atmosphere, women needed to dress in dark suits, harden up from the outside and often maintain an aggressive tone in boardroom meetings and also in front of shareholders. This trend was followed by many, and it only indicates that circumstances led a lot of women to downplay their own gender. 

However, in today’s times, such kinds of practices are not too much in practice, thanks to modernization, but it is not a secret that the American workforce has a long way to go. One of the key practices can be to start by recognizing the unique and capable qualities of women that help them to succeed, the ones (qualities) that separate them from men. 

Every successful business needs to promote the welfare of women, and they must also take into account the suggestions and opportunities brought forward by them for a successful regime. 

Listed below are some of the characteristics of women that will help in the better functioning of organizations. 

Be Careful While Hiring

Anyone can open up a business, but in order to thrive, all sorts of businesses must try to bring in more and more women at all levels. Therefore, when an HR department is recruiting, they must always ensure that objectivity is being maintained and that the feminine gender must never be a barrier, even subtly. 

In order to achieve this, all the application questions must be written in such a manner that gender isn’t the only thing that is being highlighted. Also, the HRs must always try to recruit in a manner that engages diverse channels. 

All businesses must strive to make this practice as fair and neutral as possible, there might be loopholes in the way, but they must not give way. In case, as an organization, you discover that a particular role can get challenging for a woman, then you must try by all means to refer her to a suitable place in your organization that will help her to grow, learn and contribute ably to the company, and the organization must pay her well. 

Women Have a Varied Way of Working

By birth, women have been gifted with the boon of being natural team leaders. They have the capacity to understand what’s happening by reading the audience of the room, taking care of the non-verbal cues and body language, and they can read it much better than men. 

By nature, women tend to be more direct and transparent in their approach and they are also very supportive of others. Corporations must also encourage all the women in their organization to instill these qualities in the men. While men also have some of these qualities in them, but most of them have been trained to have suppressed them. 

Therefore, all organizations must work in a unifying spirit and proceed towards a vision where people from both genders support each other and celebrate each others’ victories. These days more and more women have been starting their own businesses. Take the example of Bobbie, which is a company that is being founded by mothers. 

Bobbie had created a new employee support system, and this was right after the co-founder of the organization saw that a pandemic was changing the landscape of working women. When the pandemic hit there were many mothers who dropped out of the workforce, in order to take care of their parents and children. 

Using this opportunity, Bobbie established an in-house role that would help in providing the perfect balance for those workers who were juggling the work-life demands. This system proved to be beneficial to all the employees, and not just the working mothers. 

Don’t Women Deserve More?

It is not a secret that most of the time women are being undervalued and in some professions, they are even shut out. However, on the bright side, most women these days have learned to assess their true worth, and they are not settling for less any longer. In places where they do not see an ideal match between their values and the organization’s culture, they just choose to leave unapologetically. Their values must be appreciated since they deserve a lot more. 

Success is Right Here For Women

Sure, if we turn and look around, we will see that there are a lot of women who have been immensely successful. As per a recent report, there have been female startup founders that functioned with a female team. They fetched around $6.9 billion in venture funding in 2021, as against $3.3 billion in 2020. 

Apart from this, those teams that had mixed genders that had at least one female founder had received $47 billion in venture capital funding in 2021, which had risen from $19 billion in 2020. This year in 202e, there have been venture capital firms that have already invested $980 million in teams that had an all-female team, as against $758 million in 2012, the report further said. 

The investors are very smart people who would not just put in their money anywhere they feel like, they will invest only in those organizations that will promise them a good return on investment. And, all businesses must follow a similar path, by helping both men and women. 


Nathaly Salas
Author: Nathaly Salas